Alalong on the way

Introducing the first subscription for architecture and design consulting services. We want to make the access to an architect as easy as possible for you. With the ALALONG OTW service, you can always have an architect "in your pocket" ready to answer your questions and give you the advice you need.

We want to stand by you in your creative journeys, regardless of where you are or your time zone.

ALALONG OTW service is available anywhere in the world!

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what is ALALONG OTW?

An architecture and design support and consultancy service aimed at increasing people's accessibility to an architect's services and knowledge. From arranging living spaces to real estate consulting, we try to find all means to support you in your endeavors, with alalong advice and recommendations!

why an architectural services subscription?

Because we want you to be able to make alalong decisions, whether you can afford a project designed by an architect or not. Have you ever started crafting something around the house and felt like you could use some advice on what materials to use? Or maybe you've sat for hours with a palette in front of you, not knowing which color to choose. If you feel that a consultation session would be insufficient but a full project would be too much, then you can subscribe to the ALALONG OTW service!

who is the ALALONG OTW service for?

+ for enterprising people who are constantly interested in improving the spaces they live in and who are directly involved in their projects
+ for those who need to consult an architect, but who, for various reasons, cannot/do not want to aquire an architecture/design project
+ for those who are planning a real estate investment and want to get an overview of how the property could meet their needs and wants
+ for those who invest recurrently in real estate and want a thorough verification of investment opportunities
+ to those who want to get the maximum effect with the budget they have

how does the ALALONG OTW service work?

  1. you choose the service plan that best fits your needs
  2. you fill in the short form we provide you to find out more about what you need
  3. we'll set up a discovery call and together we'll choose the most suitable communication method for you
  4. you enjoy alalong advice and recommendations, customized for your wishes, whenever you need
  5. unsubscribe whenever you consider you've reached your goals

what is the best subscription for my needs?



This subscription for architecture and design consulting services is suitable for small renovation projects, carried out on your own (a room or more, an apartment, etc.).

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crafter plus

This subscription for architecture and design consulting services is suitable for extensive development projects, carried out under your own supervision (an apartment, a house, a building, etc.), or site management consultancy.

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This subscription for architecture and design consulting services is suitable for those interested in real estate purchases/rentals, including a starter analysis package of 3 properties/month.

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investor plus

This subscription for architecture and design consulting services is suitable for those interested in real estate purchases/rentals, including an advanced analysis package of 6 properties/month

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What is the response time for a request?

We answer any question as promptly as possible, within 3 hours. For INVESTOR & INVESTOR PLUS packages, if more complex analysis are requested, we will respond in 1-3 working days.

What is the platform used for communication?

Written/audio-video communication, as appropriate, can be done on WhatsApp or Email. If, for various reasons, another communication platform is required, we will find a viable solution together.

What happens if I exceed my interaction limit in a month?

If the limit of interactions is exceeded in a month, you will pay an additional cost of 1eur/interaction, which will be invoiced at the end of the current month.

If I haven't requested all of the interactions included in my plan in a month, can I request a refund of the remaining amount?

No. The monthly costs are fixed (except if number of interactions is to be increased).

Can unused interactions in one month roll over to the next month's subscription?

No, interactions cannot be accumulated from month to month.

Can I change my mind about my payment plan?

Sure! If your needs change from month to month, you can opt for a different plan. However, the amounts already paid cannot be refunded.

Are there discounts for annual payment?

Yes. We encourage alalong partnerships! If you decide on an annual plan, you'll get a 2-month discount - meaning you'll pay 10 months out of 12!

Can refunds be requested?

No, the amounts cannot be refunded. That's why we offer the most flexible subscription options.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. Subscription can be canceled at any time. In the case of annual payment, if the subscription is terminated before term, you will not be refunded the amounts paid for the remaining period of time.