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crafter plus

crafter plus

This subscription for architecture and design consulting services is suitable for extensive development projects, carried out under your own supervision (an apartment, a house, a building, etc.), or site management consultancy.

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90 min
consultation via teleconference (audio/video call)

30 interactions
written consultation for the various design stages:

+ interior design moodboard configuration (colours, materials, furniture, etc.)
+ project references hand-picked for your projects
+ reconfiguration of living spaces (furniture, partitioning, etc.)
+ suppliers selection
+ purchases of material, furniture items, decoration items, etc.
+ project management
+ technical detailing
+ construction site

*an interaction refers to the written submission of a question/information request/feedback request/reference exchange etc.
**if needed, we can also provide on-site travel, for an additional cost, agreed on a case-by-case basis

% discounts on other alalong services & products (depending on the subscription period):
+ discounts on a selection of products, at the launch of the alalong shop (coming soon)
+ discounts on interior & product design services

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